Wonder Woman on No Man's Land

The year 1918 is a significant year in the DC Extended Universe.

Notable Events Edit

  • Steve Trevor steals Doctor Poison's notebook and is pursued by the Germans to Themyscira.
  • Assault on Themyscira: The Amazons along with Steve Trevor fight against the German army on Themysciran beach. Antiope, Orana and several Amazons are killed in the battle.
  • Diana and Steve Trevor leave Themyscira to London.
  • Steve Trevor hands over Doctor Poison's notebook, which contains her gaseous toxicology weapon research, to his superiors and sets up his own team in order to prevent Erich Ludendorff's scheme.
  • Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Sameer, Charlie and Napi battle on No Man's Land and liberate a village in Belgium.
  • Erich Ludendorff uses Doctor Poison's gaseous weapon to destroy the nearby village, which Wonder Woman saved earlier.
  • Wonder Woman chases Ludendorff, kills him at his base and realises that Ares is the one who stands behind everything.
  • Steve Trevor sacrifices his life to destroy the plane storing Doctor Poison's gas.
  • Wonder Woman defeats Ares.
  • Von Hidenburg announces the signing of the Armistice. World War I officially ends on November 11.

Notable Deaths Edit

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