Black Zero Event

The year 2013 is a significant year in the DC Comics Extended Universe.

Notable EventsEdit

  • NASA satellites pick up a Alien signal originating from Ellesmere Island, Canada.
  • Clark Kent saves a group of oil rig workers aboard a flaming rig.
  • Lois Lane reports on the Alien signal before following Clark Kent to the origin of the signal which is an alien ship. He saves her after being attacked by the ships defences.
  • Clark Kent comes face to face with a projection of his father Jor-El learning his true name of Kal-El and his origin.
  • General Zod's ship Black Zero picks up the distress signal activated when Kal-El activates the ship and heads to Earth.
  • Lois Lane tracks Clark Kent to Smallville wanting to expose him to world but later decides against it.
  • General Zod arrives in Earth's orbit and sends a transmission across the Earth wanting Kal-El handed over to him.
  • Lois Lane is arrested by the FBI before Kal-El hands himself over to the US Military in exchange for her release.
  • Kal-El and Lois Lane are taken aboard a Black Zero Dropship by Faora-Ul and presented to General Zod.
  • Kal-El and Lois have their minds probed before Zod and his forces head to Earth in search of the Growth Codex.
  • Kal-El and Lois escape after inserting the Command Key into Black Zero.
  • Battle of Smallville: After attacking Martha Kent, Kal-El battles General Zod, Faora and Nam-Ek with intervention from the US Military before the hostile aliens retreat to their ship as Kal-El gains the trust of the Military.
  • Kal-El becomes known as Superman.
  • Jax-Ur discovers the Codex is hidden within Kal-El's cells so Zod releases the World Engine upon Earth and begin to terraform the planet.
  • Kal-El, now nicknamed Superman hands his ship to the military to use against Zod's to create a portal to the Phantom Zone whilst he goes to destroy the World Engine.
  • General Zod retrieves the Scout Ship containing a Genesis Chamber and heads to Metropolis.
  • Battle of Metropolis: US Military attack Zod's ship before a C-17 carrying Kal-El's ship is crashed into Black Zero sucking everything within distance into the Phantom Zone. General Zod amongst the wreckage of the Metropolis battles Superman who after a lengthy battle snaps Zod's neck.
  • Clark Kent gets a job working at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane.

Notable Deaths Edit

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