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"Aliens" (also called "extraterrestrials") refers to species that are not native to a planet. For example, Kryptonians and Thanagarians are both aliens to the planet Earth.

Known races[]

  • Humans: Race of humanoids, identical in appearance to Kryptonians.
    • Amazons: Super-powered and militaristic female humans.
    • Atlanteans: Super-powered aquatic humans.
  • Kryptonians: Race of highly sophisticated humanoids, identical in appearance to humans.
  • Thanagarians: Humanoids identical in appearance to humans and Kryptonians, but with large wings.
  • Ko'erst: Humanoid looking, single eyed telepathic creatures.
  • New Gods: God-like beings from Apokolips and New Genesis.
  • Demons: creature-like beings from Hell.
  • Angels: creature-like beings from Heaven.
  • Animals: creature-like beings from forests
  • Parademons : Humanoid winged demon creatures.


  • To most Alien forms, Humans are called 'Terrans'.