Amazons Army
Military information
Leader Hippolyta
Notable Personnel Antiope
Headquarters Themyscira
Notable Battles
Other information
First Appeared Wonder Woman

The Amazonian Army is the military force of the Amazons, a race of Immortal Female warriors from the mystical island of Themyscira.

Known PersonnelEdit


The Amazons were originally created by the Greek Gods in order to serve as protectors of humanity.

At some point early in Earth's history, Steppenwolf attempted to invade the planet Earth with his army of Parademons in an attempt to destroy it with the power of the three Mother Boxes. The Amazons allied with the ancient tribes of Man, and the Atlanteans in order to drive Steppenwulf away.

Later, the god Ares rebelled against the rest of the Greek Pantheon, and the Amazons fought against him. For their aid, with the last of his energy, Zeus created Themyscira.



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