Orin Ancient Royal Suit

Arthur's Royal Battle Armor

Arthur Curry's Royal Armor is an Atlantean battle armor once worn by Arthur's ancestor who helped stop Steppenwolf before, no that he wears it again when he joined the Justice League with their fight against Steppenwolf.

History Edit

Long ago, when Steppenwolf and his Parademons first came to earth to form the Unity and terraform earth into an Apokoliptic state for Apokolips, an Ancient Atlantean King wore the armor first and led his Atlanteans to fight with the Tribes of Man, the Amazons, the Gods, and even a Green Lantern the king helped them be victorious and caused Steppenwolf to retreat. After obtaining one of the three mother boxes that were left behind, this king kept his on the outskirts of Atlantis to be guarded at all times by his men.

In 2017, Arthur Curry after encountering Steppenwolf in his return and getting the mother box, asks Mera to get him the armor this ancient king wore before him. Arthur wears this armor and helps the Justice League stop Steppenwolf again.

Specifications Edit

The armor is a very detailed upper chest armor that was once a gold color now is more of a green and gold color to it. The lower part of the armor has green all over with details all over some resembling Polynesian tattoos.

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