Biographical Information
Alias Senator
Died November, 2015
Affiliation Alexander Luthor, Jr.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Dennis North
First Appearance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Senator Barrows (d. November 2015) was a United States Senator who had an illegal affiliation with Alexander Luthor, Jr.


Senator Barrows along with Senator June Finch and her aide McGraw went to LexCorp Headquarters to visit Alexander Luthor, Jr. who had invited them to inspect a large piece of Kryptonite that was found in the Indian Ocean near the World Engine site. Lex and Dr Emmett Vale began to explain how a piece of tiny Kryptonite found in Metropolis was able to damage the cells of the body of General Zod and Lex wishes to be granted an import licence to bring it to America as a deterrent against Superman. Senator Finch dismisses Lex's thoery but Barrows offers Lex a deal, who in return wants access to the Kryptonian Scout Ship and Zod's body for scientist research to which Barrows reluctantly agrees.

Barrow's is later invited to a party at the Metropolis Public Library, hosted by Luthor.

After the Nairomi Superman incident, a hearing is held by Senator Finch to hold Superman accountable. Barrows is on the committee along with Finch and Senator Purrington. As Finch begins the hearing, her speech stumbles as she is concerned with a glass on her desk as Barrows looks at her. Suddenly, a bomb from Wallace Keefe's Wheelchair explodes killing everybody nearby including Barrows.



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