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Barry Allen
Biographical Information
Alias The Flash
Red Streak
Relatives Henry Allen (father)
Nora Allen (mother)
Born September 30, 1992
Affiliation Central City College
Justice League
Central City Police Departmant leader of the team flash
Physical Description
Species Metahuman
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Ezra Miller
First Appearance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"Make your own future. Make your own past. It’s all right now."
—The Flash

Barry Allen is a college student attending Central City College for criminal science, who develops superhuman speed after being struck by lightning and uses his gifts to protect Central City as The Flash.


Early Years[]

Barry Allen was born May 3, 1992, in Central City to Henry Allen and his wife Nora. When he was a child, Nora was found dead and Henry was sent to prison after being wrongfully accused of her murder.

Sent to live with a foster family, Barry became determined to prove his father's innocence and developed an obsession with forensic science.

In later years, he attends Central City College, hoping to join the Central City Police so he can clear his father's name.

Becoming The Flash[]

While working late one night, Barry was struck by a bolt of lightning and developed superhuman speed as a result of the incident, with the side effect of his speed creating bolts of lightning that could short circuit or overload nearby electric technology whenever he moved.

Barry Eating a Taco

Sometime later, Barry stopped an armed robbery at a convenience store, using his powers to knock the robber unconscious and unintentionally causing the power to go out, unbeknownst to him that Alexander Luthor, Jr. acquired the security footage of him

At one point, Barry apprehended Captain Boomerang after the latter stole several priceless jewels and killed his partner with a trick boomerang. Barry knocked the criminal out and left him for the police to find.

An Alternate Timeline[]

In an alternate timeline where Superman establishes a totalitarian regime with the help of aliens and takes control of the Earth, Barry fights alongside Batman.

When the resistance discovers the reason behind Superman's rise to power, Barry travels back in time using the Speed Force and tells Bruce to find Lois Lane before returning to his own time.

Chance Encounter[]

After arriving late to an interview at Central Bark Doggy Day Care, Barry tries to greet one of the dogs coming out of the care center the dog barks at him which makes him react in slow motion. He accidentally bumps into Iris West who is dropping off her dog, as the two continue to gaze at each other, Barry tries to have his interview after quickly and awkwardly explaining why he was late. While the manager looks over his trickled resume he and Iris continue to gaze at each other as a truck hits a hotdog stand and Iris hits the back of the truck which causes her car to flip over.

Barry causes time to slow down while also destroying his shoes in the process to save Iris and grab a hotdog for the dogs. He moves her safely to the ground and gazes at her for a moment more before moving back to the care center and plays off he was looking after the dogs when time goes back to normal. After playing it off that he always have a snack ready for the dogs to calm them in case of an emergency due to the unforeseen situations that might happen in the city he lands the job.

Visiting Henry Allen[]

After getting the job Barry goes to visit his father, Henry Allen, at Iron Heights Penitentiary, where Henry had been wrongly imprisoned after being convicted of murdering his wife Nora Allen in 2001. Barry and Henry talk about Barry's obsession with proving his father's innocence; Barry believes the original investigation was botched. Henry tells his son not to keep coming to visit him, which Barry responded to by asking him to never ask him to do again. When their time is up Barry leaves after watching his father be pulled away.

Meeting Bruce Wayne[]

Barry returned to his home which is revealed to be an abandoned building filled with monitors displaying a wide variety of information, including diagnostics of his suit among other things. Waiting for him is Bruce Wayne who is sitting in his "second favorite chair", he introduces himself and handed Barry a printout of the security camera footage of his encounter with a mugger found on the LexCorp files.

Barry recognized himself in the photo and tries to, unsuccessfully, dismiss the person as merely someone who looks like him, but "definitely not" him. Bruce, however, told Barry that he knew Barry has abilities, but just needed to know what they are. Barry nervously rambled about his skills, one of them being gorilla sign language, when Bruce suddenly hurls a batarang at him, but Barry instinctively used his speed to dodge and catch it.

Recognizing it, in awe Barry deduced that Bruce was the Batman. Bruce noted his abilities as being fast, but Barry digressed, calling the deduction an oversimplification. Bruce moved on, telling Barry about the team he was putting together to battle a powerful enemy, and almost immediately, Barry wanted in. Bruce was taken aback slightly, but when Barry told him that he needed friends, Bruce accepted his reasoning. Barry, admiring the Batarang, promptly asked Bruce if he could keep it as a souvenir.

As Barry and Bruce headed to his car, Barry consumed an entire box of pizza and explained the concept of the Speed Force, and how it allows him to consume insane amounts of food. However, when Barry asked Bruce just how many there were on the team, Bruce's response prompted Barry to then ask what exactly Bruce's powers were, and the latter replied "I'm rich."

Arriving in Gotham, Barry and Bruce meet up with Diana Prince, who informs the latter on her progress with Victor Stone's recruitment. Just then, Barry sees the Bat Signal and excitingly reminds Bruce that it meant they should get going, leading to Bruce and Diana sharing a look over the young vigilante's behavior.

Meeting with Commissioner Gordon, he begins to tell the three about the missing scientists and the sketches of the description of the culprit who resembles Batman. Diana quickly deducts that they are Parademons which Barry awkwardly acknowledges. As Gordon shares there's eight people missing Victor Stone appears, jointing them and shares there's now nine, his father, Silas Stone the head scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs was just kidnapped. The group manage to figure out that the scientists were being rallied underground at Gotham Harbor, thanks to Victor. As the group arrive to the hideout, Barry asks Diana and Bruce if they have a plan. Diana tells them to not engage alone and to work together, across the broken bridge they witness Steppenwolf interrogate Howard, a janitor, after moving on to Silas for information on the Mother Box, Victor quickly saves his father. Which results in Diana taking on Steppenwolf, Bruce takes on some of the Parademons, and Barry after evading one of the parademons attacks and takes it down, quickly takes the hostages out of the building with Victor.

After successfully taking the hostages out of the building, debris from the fight between Diana and Bruce against Steppenwolf and his parademons almost crushes everyone but Barry uses his super speed to move the debris from the hostages with Victor taking out one of the last blocks that almost landed on some of the people. Victor suggests Barry go back in to help while he guards the civilians.

By the time Barry returns to the fight, Diana reaching for her sword mid-fall, so Flash uses his speed to move the hand back in her grasp. Distracted by his accomplishment, Barry loses his footing and tumbles to the ground below. He recovers quickly enough to move away from the falling Knightcrawler. As Steppenwolf approaches them, Barry is grazed in the leg by a Parademon blast and is nearly taken before being saved by Diana. However, Steppenwolf proves to be too strong for the ragtag team to handle, catching a missile fired from the Knightcrawler and using it to flood the area before escaping. Luckily, Aquaman saves them by slowing the tide with his trident, allowing Barry and the others to get to safety.

Resurrecting Superman[]

The League regroup in the building where Bruce is working on Flying Fox to plan their next move. Barry suggested that they destroy the box with flamethrowers which Victor denies stating that it wouldn't destroy the box it would only consume the fire and become hotter. As they discover what the Mother Box is capable of thanks to Victor's explanation due to him being created from the Mother Box they all discover that the box can do more than they imagine like "reinstate matter and energy" so all but Arthur come to the consensus to use the Mother Box to revive Superman. Victor is hesitant due to not knowing enough about kryptonion biology but Barry states that they have to try.

However they realize that they must act fast to resurrect him because when they awaken the box, Steppenwolf will know where it is. Bruce and Diana realize that the boxes had been awaken when Superman died due to being afraid of him when he was alive, even when Silas had turned on one of more than a year ago. They conclude that Superman is the one powerful enough to stop them. They agree to use the Genesis Chamber in the Kryptonian ship. Victor and Barry dig up Clark's grave, while Barry notes they could do finish in a nano-second, he decides to be respectful due to Superman being his hero. While they dig Barry asks Victor if he thinks that Diana would go for a younger guy, Victor deduces this by saying every guy is a younger guy for her due to being 5,000 years old.

Arriving upon the S.T.A.R. Labs Facility they load the casket onto a truck, Barry drives through security dressed up as an Army official, once inside Victor sets off the alarms and gets everyone evacuated besides Silas who covers for them and confirms that no one enters the building unless he says so. While bringing Superman's body up the ship reacts to him with Barry stating that the ship knows he's there and that it's intense, the team submerged the Kryptonian in the fluid and Barry offers himself up to electrically charge the Box. He begins to run and charge himself up to give the Box a charge but arrives too late as the box had already submerged into the fluid but Barry reverses time as he moves towards the box just enough to give the box a charge with his energy. Now healed and revived the fallen hero, Superman stays afloat above the ship.

Superman goes to his memorial sight and meets the League however Superman, now awakened is disoriented and, believing them to be hostile, attacks the League, who were all but powerless against him. While Superman held back Diana, Arthur, and Victor simultaneously, Barry attempted to flank him, though this tactic quickly proved to be in vain as Superman could almost keep up with Barry's speed, much to his shock. Barry tries to evade Superman's attacks, but is knocked into the wall of the memorial and almost incinerated by Superman before his attention is turned to the military shooting at him. Once his eyes are on Bruce the League try to stop Superman which results in him pushing Barry into Arthur.

Finding the Hideout[]

After Superman leaves with Lois, the League go back into S.T.A.R. Labs to find Steppenwolf with the last Mother Box leaving through the boom tube while Victor mourns his father who scarified himself to make the Mother Box the hottest thing on earth. Victor realizes that Silas had died to make the Box super-heated and its thermal reactor scans can be detected anywhere. Back in the Batcave, they locate the Box in an abandoned city, Pozharnov near Moscow due to a nuclear accident that took place in the 30's. The area is beyond toxic not even the army goes near the city, which Bruce concludes is the perfect spot for Steppenwolf to hideout and perform the Unity. After Victor and Diana debate over how to stop the Unity, which can only happen if Victor streams into the Mother Boxes himself, Barry agrees to Victor's plan but they still need to attack the base to get in. Barry mentions how powerful Steppenwolf is and how he's taken down hundreds of thousands of planets but Bruce states he's never faced them united.

Battle to Rusia[]

As Barry consumes food for fuel, Arthur asks how Victor is doing, to which Barry says he wants to be alone. Arthur states it isn't right that he has to go up against the most powerful machine in the universe after losing his father. Barry states that he didn't think he cared about Victor to which Arthur rebukes simply by stating "I Never said that." Barry and the League took off in the now working Flying Fox thanks to Victor to face Steppenwolf.

Upon arriving, they come up with a plan to get into the city past the defensive dome, and have Barry create an energy surge to propel Victor into the Unity to take it apart from the inside. Barry and the others observe as Batman leads the Parademons away and takes down the dome surrounding Steppenwolf's base. Upon entry the team rally's to Batman's aide to break through the barriers and taking down the Parademons together. Barry moves away from the fight far enough to get a charge as he begins to run in circles to create his charge, but as Victor was held up by Steppenwolf, Barry almost lost control.

When hit with blast from one of the Parademons after missing multiple times, Barry gets the wind knocked out of him. Before he could start running again the Unity is complete as the earth begins to terraform, killing the League. Barry manages to phase himself and is protected from the blast as he watches his world get destroyed he heals from his wound and begins to run into the Speed Force deciding to break his rule again he begins to reverse time again as each step he takes, everything reverts back to before the blast. As the League, including Superman, regenerate, Barry makes it back to a now regenerated Victor and gives him the charge to go into the Unity.

Victor manages to stop the Unity and with Superman's help, separate the boxes again. Barry returns in time to see Darkseid with Desaad, and Granny Goodness with Steppenwolf's dead body. Upon their victory, the League look over the city as the Flying Fox emerges to pick them up.

Getting In[]

After the battle with Steppenwolf, Barry returned to his normal life, going to visit his father, he shows him his employment authorization thanks to recommendations from a Bruce Wayne, Barry was hired for a position in the Central City Police Department's crime lab. Barry then explained that it wasn't the greatest position, but it was, in fact, a foot in the door. Henry is overwhelmed with joy to the point he starts to cry and shout to which Barry warns him to calm down before he gets maced again. Later, an overjoyed Barry is seen running through the city.


Barry is above average height for a male of his age with a lean appearance in comparison to other men of his age. He has Yellow eyes with fairly long dark , virtually black hair that sits just below his Nose, but at some point later he got it cut.

As his superhero alter ego the Flash, however, Barry wears a form-fitting red suit that covers his entire body and head. It has a fitted face mask that covers his eyes but leaves his hands and Belly exposed, with there also being wing-shaped earpieces. His body is covered entirely with protection pads scattered across the suit in various places, such as the Hair, to better protect Barry, with the joints areas free for movement so he can run with little restriction. There is a Blue circle with a Red lightning bolt in the center of the chest.


Barry's powers originate from an extra-dimensional energy field known as the Speed Force, which allows him to move forward into another plain of frequency and travel forwards and backwards in time.

  • Limitless Superhuman Speed - Barry's main ability is subconsciously controlling his molecular structure in order to

    The Flash tapping into the Speed Force

    move, think, perceive and act faster than the speed of sound. All others can see of him when he is moving at such speeds is a blur or streak of motion and as such, he can move several feet or even several miles and back in less than a millisecond, making it appear as if he had not moved at all. His speed allows him to run across water or, at higher velocities, into another plain of frequency and through walls. A side effect of his speed is that his movements cause bolts of lightning to surround the area and could short circuit or overload nearby electric technology whenever he moved.
    • Superhuman Momentum/Extreme Force Generation - His abilities enhance his momentum and the amount of force he can generate to inhuman levels, allowing him to simulate superhuman strength while moving at super speed and the ability to generate inhuman amounts of force through collision and impact. He demonstrated this by sending a robber flying through the air and sending a Parademon flying through a room and into a wall at bullet-like speed. He is also capable of coming to a full stop despite the extreme force and momentum he generates being more than that of a moving vehicle.

      The Flash using his Super Agility and Super Momentum to dodge a Parademon's Plasma shot and knock him down.

  • Superhuman agility - Barry's speed extended to his reaction time, reflexes and since it allows him to also think and perceive at superhuman speed, he is able to determine angles, distance, speed and trajectory of objects with extreme accuracy.
    • Enhanced Homeostasis - Barry's body undergoes a preternatural form of natural homeostasis while using his powers, which allows him to surpass and avoid the dangers and natural hindrances of running at high velocities, such as reduced oxygen, extreme temperatures, and impact with resisting forces.
  • Superhuman Stamina - Barry's body can sustain using his abilities for extended periods of time due to his enhanced metabolism.No showing of fatigue or tired.
  • Accelerated Healing - Barry's advanced molecular structure means that his natural healing process is vastly accelerated much like his running speed, meaning he heals from almost anything within hours or sooner depending on the severity of the wound. Small scratches or bruises will heal within seconds, moderate injuries will take hours. However, catastrophic injuries will not heal.
    • Decelerated Aging/Longevity - His accelerated healing is capable of granting him an extended lifespan. His health & vitality are also enhanced as a result.


  • Flash Suit - Barry Allen wears a protective scarlet suit as his superhero alter-ego, the Flash, to hide his identity from his enemies when he fights crime.
  • Flash Suit - Barry and Bruce Wayne create this new suit together to help hide his identity while he fights crime.
  • Armored Flash Suit - An exoskeleton of armor that sits over the top of Barry's normal Flash suit. This was created in the alternate timeline.



  • In the DC comics, Barry Allen was the second hero to be known as the "Flash". He primarily operated during the so-called "Silver Age" and "Bronze Age" of comics, before sacrificing himself during a crisis to save his universe. In the current Prime Earth continuity, Barry Allen is once again the main Flash, although other characters, like Wally West, have recently returned. Barry is also a founding member of the JLA, Justice League of America.
  • This is the 1st live action cinematic debut of The Flash.
  • This is the youngest version of the character; Ezra Miller is 23 years old.
  • This is Barry Allen's 5th live action appearance:
  • Barry is right-handed.
  • He can play the viola.
  • He is a web designer.
  • He is fluent in gorilla sign language.
  • Barry is a fan of Rick and Morty
  • It is implied that Barry could be a fan of Korean Pop, as during his encounter with Bruce Wayne, the song "As If It's Your Last" by BLACKPINK is heard playing in the background. The music video for it can also be sighted in one of the television monitors as well.
    • Ezra Miller himself has also expressed gratitude towards BLACKPINK's music.
  • Ezra Miller made a cameo appearance as The Flash in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths when he meets Grant Gustin's Barry Allen in the Speed Force.

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