Batman v Superman 18

Standard Batarangs

Batarangs are gadgets under Bruce Wayne's Utility Belt that he uses as the vigilante Batman. They are weapons or gadgets in the shape of Batman's symbol, mirroring the emblem on his chest and the Bat-Signal.


While they are able to function as a weaponized boomerang, they are also used as throwing blades. Standard ones can be used as throwing weapons to strike and potentially knock out an opponent from a distances or distractions to lure them into an area for Batman to take them out stealthily. Some of them have been seen piercing into walls after being thrown into them, meaning they are extremely sharp and can be used to pierce hostiles in order to wound and disable them.



  • The item's name is a portmanteau of "Bat" and "Boomerang", and are sometimes referred to as Batarangs.