The Batman Family is a group of individuals operating as crime-fighters in Gotham City under the leadership of Bruce Wayne, the vigilante known as  The Batman to the criminal underworld.


Early HistoryEdit

The "Batman Family" started long before Batman's first ever appearance in Gotham City, with the death of Bruce Wayne's parents Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of young Bruce's eyes. The anger and hatred that grew in Bruce for the criminals of Gotham made him pursue a life of ridding his beloved city of the criminals that took his parents, doing his utmost to ensure that such horrendous injustice never happens again. Together with his butler and legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth, an adult Bruce gradually built up an arsenal of equipment to aid him, training for years in a vast array of martial arts, in order to be fully prepared to take down the most formidable of criminals.

Taking on the seemingly superhuman persona of "Batman", Bruce fought the criminals in his city, relying on his eclectic intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation, becoming a force greatly feared by Gotham's criminal underworld.

Peak YearsEdit

Batman v Superman 40

Honoring the fallen comrade.

Several years later, Bruce took on an apprentice and ward, Jason Todd, whom he provided with equipment similar to his, giving him the vigilante name "Robin". Batman and Robin fought crime together as a formidable cohesive unit for years, before the Joker, Batman's ultimate nemesis, brutally murdered Robin in 2005, leaving a message on the dead body for Batman.

Post Black Zero WorldEdit


Deceased Edit



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