Belle Reve
Geographical Information
Galaxy Milky Way
Star Sol
Planet Earth
Country United States of America
State Louisiana
Locale Terrebonne Parish
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Suicide Blonde

Belle Reve is a black site prison facility for criminals thought to be too dangerous for a conventional prison.


Known Inmates Edit

Name Status Information
Captain Boomerang Imprisoned Currently serving 3 life sentences for his 98 cases of burglary (with him having robbed every bank in Australia at least twice).
Deadshot Imprisoned Captured by Batman and sent to the facility, due to his crimes of multiple murder (him having been an assassin for hire). He is, however, allowed sporadic, supervised releases to visit his beloved daughter Zoe Lawton.
Killer Croc Imprisoned Imprisoned for his many crimes in Gotham City, including cannibalism.
Lex Luthor Transferred Imprisoned for orchestrating the US Capitol bombing (killing numerous people), and unleashing Doomsday, with the latter nearly bringing about an apocalypse, and resulting in the death of Superman. However, Lex is transferred from Belle Reve to Arkham Asylum, through the influence of Batman since Lex was declared insane and "unfit" for trial.
Harley Quinn Escaped Imprisoned for her numerous crimes committed with the help of her boyfriend Joker. However, Harley, was later rescued and freed by her boyfriend, the Joker who she thought was killed.
El Diablo Deceased Committed to Belle Reve after killing multiple other inmates at a normal federal prison. Killed while carrying out his Task Force X mission in the field.



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