Black Zero Event
Geographical Information
Location Metropolis
Personnel Sword of Rao
Casualties Thousands of Metropolis citizens
Result Destruction of World Engine; lead to Battle of Metropolis
Other information
First Appeared Man of Steel

The Black Zero Event was the term coined by the citizens of Metropolis in the wake of the Kryptonian invasion of Earth led by General Zod that resulted in their ship Black Zero beginning to terraform the planet starting with Metropolis. This event occured in December 2013.


After General Zod and his Kryptonian followers decided to terraform the Earth into a new Krypton, they released their World Engine to one side of the planet whilst descending in their own ship, the Black Zero above Metropolis. They connected the two alien craft and began sending pulses into the Earth's crust changing the atmosphere and ground to turn into Krypton, destroying everything around it and disrupting the gravity. Kal-El (now code-named "Superman" by the US military) managed to single-handedly destroy the World Engine stopping the apocalyptic terraforming from destroying any more of Metropolis, while Hardy piloted a C-17 carrying Kal-El's Starcraft directly into the Black Zero, with the subsequent collision of the two Phantom Drives creating a temporary portal to the Phantom Zone sucking in everything Kryptonian, including the invaders and anything nearby including Nathan Hardy and Emil Hamilton.


General Zod remained however, but was ultimately defeated and killed by Superman after a ferocious duel of colossal proportions, with Metropolis sustaining more damage in their battle, most notably, with the Wayne Financial Building collapsing, killing the dozens of individuals left within, much to the horror of Bruce Wayne, who saw it occur.

In the aftermath of the devastating attack, the city regrouped and aid was sent in to help those trapped in the wreckage, the survivors and businesses who's buildings had literally been blasted into dust. To honor those civilians who died during the event, a commemorative park was designed and built in the following years and at the centre, a tall majestic silver statue of Superman, thanking him for saving the Earth and human race from certain extinction at the hands of General Zod.



  • Both the Black Zero Event and subsequent battle in Metropolis would've hit the nation harder than the September 11 attacks.
    • According to some websites, the amount of damage to Metropolis here is worth over $300 billion, significantly more than the damage to New York in The Avengers ($160 billion).

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