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A Boom Tube is a slang expression for the extra dimensional point-to-point travel portal generated by a Mother Box used by the New Gods to travel into the main universe's dimension and between huge distances across space not feasible via conventional travel.


Invasion of EarthEdit

Thousands of years ago, when Steppenwolf invaded Earth, he was defeated by the joint effort of the Amazons, Atlanteans, and Humans, with assistance from Yalan Gur of the Green Lantern Corps and the [[1]]. During the battle, his ships were destroyed, forcing him to flee through a boom tube summoned by his Apokoliptian Priests.[1]

Invasion of ThemysciraEdit

When Steppenwolf returned to Earth, he arrived from a boom tube opened in the vault in which the Amazons guarded one of the Mother Boxes the New God arrived with centuries ago. After defeating the Amazons and reclaiming the Mother Box, Steppenwolf summoned a boom tube, allowing him to escape.[1]

Assault on AtlantisEdit

In pursuit of the Mother Box held by the Atlanteans, Steppenwolf sent his Parademons to retrieve the Box secured in a vault beneath the ocean. When his soldiers failed, Steppenwolf appeared, defeating Aquaman and Mera, as well as multiple Atlantean Royal Guardsmen, before summoning another boom tube to return to his fortress in Russia.[1]

Return of SupermanEdit

Following the Skirmish in Heroes Park, Steppenwolf retrieved the final Mother Box by using a boom tube to steal it while the Justice League was distracted.

Battle of RussiaEdit

Following his defeat b the Justice League, Steppenwolf was dragged into a boom tube by his Parademon soldiers.[1]



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