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Bright Arctic Oil Rig
Geographical Information
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Earth
Country United States
State N/A
Locale Pacific Ocean
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Man of Steel

Bright Arctic Oil Rig is the name given to an Oil Rig off the west of North America in the Pacific Ocean, owned by Bright Arctic.


During normal operations on the rig, an explosion caused the rig to set ablaze, potentially blowing up the facility and leaking oil into the sea. Clark Kent, whilst out fishing on a boat, heard the explosion over the boat's radio, and jumped overboard to help.

Clark single-handedly holds up the massive rig

He went below deck to make sure everybody got to safety, and escorted the majority to the helicopter pad, where the Coast Guard arrived to evacuate people to safety. A massive portion of rigging, buckling under the heat, began to fall on the helicopter, but Clark held it upright long enough for the copter to get clear, before a colossal explosion rocked the rig, knocking Clark unconscious, and sending him flying into the water. Clark, unscathed, soon swam to shore, to Cordova, and stole some clothes, before skipping town.



  • Though the novelization of Man of Steel identify the oil rig as the Bright Aurora, in the film, the helipad shows the rig is called the Bright Arctic.