Carrie Farris
Biographical Information
Alias Major
Affiliation United States Armed Forces
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Christina Wren
First Appearance Man of Steel

Major Carrie Farris is a United States Air Force officer attached to the operations of United States Northern Command and the assistant to General Calvin Swanwick.


Alien InvasionEdit

Carrie Farris arrived at Peterson Air Force Base with General Calvin Swanwick when an anonymous object appeared in Earth's orbit.

When General Zod's ship Black Zero and World Engine descended onto Earth and began terraforming the planet, Captain Farris asked Emil Hamilton what terraforming meant.

Farris was driving her General, when a drone crashed to the ground in front of them. Kal-El (now called "Superman") then told the General to stop trying to find his address and information on him. She smiled in spite of herself as Superman took off again. When asked by Swanwick why she was smiling, Farris blushed and replied that she considered Superman handsome.

Doomsday IncidentEdit

Two years later, Farris was still working for Swanwick, who in the interim, was made the US Secretary of State. Farris was waiting for Swanwick outside the males bathroom as Lois Lane ambushed him to answer questions regarding a LexCorp Industries prototype bullet.

When a creature dubbed Doomsday emerged from the Scout Ship in Metropolis, Farris was in the incident room along with Swanwick as the President ordered a nuclear strike on the creature and Superman as the two Kryptonians were in orbit. Farris was reporting on the phone minute by minute updates during Superman's battle with the creature.



  • Carrie Farris is a nod and allusion to Carol Ferris from DC comics, who is the boss and recurring love interest of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Later in the comics, she becomes the supervillain known as Star Sapphire.
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