Cassidy Pub
Geographical Information
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Earth
Country Canada
State N/A
Locale Unknown highway
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Man of Steel

Cassidy Pub & Restaraunt is a public house on a highway in mountain region of Canada. It is a frequent of truckers and drifters.



Clark, while working at the pub.

Shortly after surviving an oil rig explosion and swimming to Canada's shores, Clark Kent gained a job as a waiter at this pub. After working there for several days, he overheard some men talking about the US Military looking for a possible alien starship buried deep under the ice of Ellesmere Island. Right after that a drunken trucker, Ludlow, indecently groped Chrissy, one of the waitresses. Clark immediately intervened, demanding that the roughneck stop. Ludlow aggressively leaps to his feet and pours his beer over Clark, before trying to shove the latter away, but only bounced off of Clark. Chrissy then assured Clark that Ludlow wasn't worth it, and he managed to walk off, with Ludlow throwing a can at his back. Clark proceeded to destroy Ludlow's truck, taking out his pent-up rage.

Shortly thereafter, Clark skips town, deciding to journey to Ellesmere Island and investigate the rumors. Several days later, Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane arrived at the pub and interviewed Chrissy about Clark.

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