Colt M4A1
Weapon information
Type of weapon Assault Rifle
Rate of Fire 700-950 rounds per minute
Ammunition Type 5.56x45mm NATO
Magazine Capacity 30 Round Magazine
Manufacturer Humans
Known Users United States Armed Forces
Other information
First Appeared
  • Man of Steel
  • Suicide Squad

  • The Colt M4A1 is select fire assautlt rifle developed by Humans and used by the United States Armed Forces. It fires a 5.56x45mm NATO in a 30 round magazine and can fire in 3 types of fire.

    Man of SteelEdit

    This rifle was seen in the hands of multiple troopers in the Battle of Smallville against the remnants Kryptonian Warrior Guild. Multiple troops tried shooting these rifles at Faora-Ul, Superman and even Nam-Ek; however everytime their ammo hit any Kryptonian, they proved ineffective.

    Suicide SquadEdit

    In the first trailer for the Suicide Squad, a couple of troops who were escorting Killer Croc were issued the M4A1 as their primary weapon of choice. It also was seen in the hands of an armed thug wearing a Batman mask.

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