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Daily Planet Reporter Clark Kent killed reporting Gotham Battle was a newspaper clipping printed in the Daily Planet shortly after The Death of Superman. Below is a copy of the text.



Clark Kent was one of our own, and he will be sorely missed. Clark was one of two reporters who stayed in Gotham to cover the Battle that raged over the skies of both Metropolis and Gotham, and eventually would claim the life of not only Mr. Kent, but of Superman as well. The exact circumstances of his death are still coming to light, but we do know that he was killed doing what he loved. Clark Kent was born in Kansas in 1980, and came to Metropolis only two years ago. On the recommendation of fellow reporter and friend Lois Lane, he was hired to the Daily Planet as a junior reporter and quickly rose through the ranks. His insights and investigative skills were immediately apparent, he was assigned to follow bigger and bigger stories for The Daily Planet, and broke several of his own. His capacity for getting to the essence and truth of a story was rewarded last year when he received the Elliot Prize for Investigative Journalism for the second time. This was a first for any of the reporters on staff at The Daily Planet. He worked tirelessly to make sure that his reporting was not only in-depth, but that it was able to connect to the common man. He was thorough and dogged in his pursuit of any story he was reporting. From the smaller human interest stories to the larger news of national interest, his grace, style and never ending charm will be sorely missed. Clark was an only child and is survived by his mother Martha Kent. He will be buried in a small private ceremony outside Smallville, Kansas on the family farm.