Deadshot with his Wrist Guns

Deadshot's wrist guns or magnums are a set of customized wrist mounted Glock 19 pistols which are wrist mounted, gauntlet like firearm which are the equivalent of sub machine guns in terms of firepower, though they are also attributed to cannons or turrets. They even ejects bullet shells like normal guns. They fire magnum and high caliber bullets and have trigger buttons on the hand, presumably the palm. 

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Suicide Squad[edit | edit source]

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Specifiacations[edit | edit source]

Deadshot wears gauntlets on his wrists which contain powerful machine guns. Deadshot can change the firing method from a single shot, semi-automatic, or even fully automatic, depending on the situation he requires. The gauntlets are strong enough to deflect Enchantress's sword strikes and still be operational.

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