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Laurel Lance
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Biographical Information
Alias Black Canary< Laurel Lance
Little Bird
Relatives Dinah Drake (Mother) sara lance sister quentin Lance father
Affiliation Birds of Prey
Unnamed Band. Team arrow
Physical Description
Species Metahuman
Gender Female
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Jurnee Smollett-Bell
First Appearance Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn)

Dinah Laurel Lance is a crime-fighting metahuman vigilante who is also a singer that resides in Gotham City, who goes by the same name her mother had Black Canary.


Much of Dinah’s past is shrouded in mystery, but her mother was a vigilante who she admired and was inspired by until her mother’s death which causes her to want nothing to do with vigilante’s or the superhero life, she even begins smoking cigarettes to suppress her powers.

Working for Sionis[]

In her adulthood Lance was hired by Roman Sionis to be his singer at the Black Mask Club where she saw most of Roman’s crimes and actions. She’s been in seclusion and denies her powers since her mother’s passing. One day while performing she’s watching in disgust as Roman has a meeting with fellow crime boss Mr. Keo and helping his other guests of the club. After her performance she goes to have a drink at the bar where she finds Harley drunk and writing her own business card, finding trouble with spelling “mercenary”.

While Lance mostly ignores her, Harley tells her about the meaning of Harlequins which leads to confessing that she and Joker broke up for good. Stating she’s all alone for the first time. Lance just responds with welcoming her to the feeling and leaves the bar. Heading home Lance noticed a now drunker Harley with a man in the alley where her car is parked, noticing something is wrong Lance at first ignores them and gets in her car. When she sees a van pull up with another man and they begin to load Harley in, Lance intervenes taking down both men and saving Harley from being kidnapped despite her not liking Harley and telling her everyone hates her.

Unbeknownst to her, Roman and Zasaz watched her fight the men and impressed with her fighting, Roman promotes her to be his new personal driver, replacing the one Harley injured. While loading Harley into her car to take her home Zsasz congratulates her and tells her to come back on the morning but when Lance tries to decline the gig Zsasz informs her it’s not an option. After dropping off Harley, Dinah comes to her apartment building to find Cassandra Cain sitting on the steps while her foster parents are arguing about her. Dinah tried to encourage her and tells her it won’t always be like this, she even gives her 20 dollars to get some food and tells her to stay out of the fight.

The next morning before heading to the club Detective Montoya is at her front door with coffee. Montoya tries to see if Lance knows anything about a shipment containing a diamond as the previous driver did but Lance tells her she doesn’t know anything about it and wouldn’t reveal information to her anyway if she did. Montoya asks if she has any idea who her boss really is, to which Lance responds with he’s a man who got her off the street and a job. Getting desperate, Montoya mentions Lance’s mother and how good of a woman she was and how they shared the power.

Montoya also asks how her mother would feel if she knew who her daughter was working for. Lance states that her mother was a good woman and she always valued others lives before her own which is what led to her fate, Dinah questions how she could ask her to make the same mistakes she made. To which Montoya agrees is a fair point but points out if it was under her watch, what happened to her mother wouldn’t have happened.


Dinah has medium length dirty blonde hair with hair rings, some braids, and a parted cornrow on the right side of her head. She also sports a nose ring on her tusk. She has a light brown complexion with dark brown eyes, full lips, and stands at 5'6 or 5'8 in heels.


  • Canary Cry




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