Take Off (Man of Steel)
Flight (Ares)

Flight is the ability allowing someone to defy gravity, propelling themselves through air and space. In the case of the Kryptonian people, they generate their own gravity field, distorting and syphoning physical force, which they use to move through air and space in any direction and at great speeds. The distortions in gravity and fundamental forces around them can be enough to break the sound barrier and cause sonic booms and gusts of powerful, hurricane-like force winds.

Characters with FlightEdit

Natural AbilityEdit

Artificial FlightEdit

These characters can't fly naturally and rely on an outside source to do so, most use a Power Ring.



  • Superman and General Zod were the only 2 Kryptonians to achieve the power of flight in Man of Steel. All other Kryptonians had the potential to achieve this, however were known to utilize a Superhuman Leap.

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