Floyd Lawton
Biographical Information
Alias Deadshot
Relatives Zoe Lawton (daughter)
Born April 12, 1978
Affiliation United States Armed Forces
Task Force X
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Will Smith
First Appearance Suicide Squad

"I'm a hitman, not a fireman. I don't save people."

Floyd Lawton, also known as Deadshot, is an international assassin and the world's deadliest sharpshooter. After his capture by Batman, Lawton was imprisoned in Belle Reve, where he was later recruited by Amanda Waller to join the government-sanctioned Task Force X. While on a mission in Midway City, Lawton was tasked with the defeat of Enchantress, who built a doomsday device in the city, and her brother Incubus. His success served to reduce his prison sentence and allowed Lawton to visit his daughter.


Earlier LifeEdit

Floyd Lawton was born on April 12, 1978, in Gotham City, and was a child of an unhappy marriage. He later had a daughter, Zoe Lawton, whom he discovered her existence in 2006, but he would eventually divorce her mother.

He was in the US Special Forces at some point, before leaving and becoming a vigilante in Gotham City, but gradually evolved into a high-cost assassin and mercenary capable of performing any execution for the desired price. With time, he became the most wanted hitman in the world.

After becoming a gun for hire, Lawton came into the sights of Batman whilst on numerous jobs in Gotham City who managed to capture Lawton and finally put him behind bars, spending time in Arkham Asylum before ending up in Belle Reve.

Task Force XEdit

"See... the firing pin is filed down, right? Mag full of dummy rounds. If I pull the trigger, nothing happens."
"You're absolutely right. Why would we give a loaded weapon to an infamous hitman? Go ahead, pull the trigger. Empty it.
—Deadshot and Amanda WallerIn 2016, nine months after Griggs took over as his main guard at Belle Reve, Deadshot is incarcerated in a prison where he is often mistreated by the guards of Belle Reve especially Griggs who feeds him disgusting food and beat him regularly.

While alone in his cell, he thinks about the last words his daughter spoke to him that "She loves him, even though he does bad things." Later, Amanda Waller gathers skilled individuals and metahumans for Project Task Force X. While being coerced into joining the team, Deadshot personally displays his sharpshooter skills in front of Rick Flag, Waller, Griggs, and others in an attempt to negotiate that he be released and his daughter Zoe Lawton should be well provided for including a free ride to an Ivy League University in exchange for his services.

Deployment in Midway City Edit

With the attack in Midway City, Michigan by the mystical duo Enchantress and Incubus, Deadshot, along with the other members of the Suicide Squad (such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, and Killer Croc) are implanted with explosive nanotechnology provided by Dr. Van Criss and transferred to an evacuation point outside of the city, where they are joined by Slipknot. As the villains suit up for their mission, Harley ask if Deadshot is hesitant to put on his gear because it will no longer fit due to weight gain, He replies "No," and says that everytime he puts it on "somebody dies" and that he "likes putting it on." They are given instructions by Waller via an electronic tablet that they are under Flag's direct command and extracting a highly valued asset known as HVT1 from the besieged city and will receive 10 years off of their life sentences as a reward.



Deadshot in full suit

Floyd is a tall, bald and bearded African American man, who, during more intense combat situations, is seen wearing a white face mask and a technologically advanced eye-patch on his dominant left eye. He wears a molded bulletproof red-and-black vest and bodysuit, as well as multiple holsters on his person, which contain various firearms all the time.

Personality Edit

Deadshot is portrayed as a consummate professional: as long as he's been paid to kill someone, he will always carry it out without mercy, with the exception of women and children. He is also sarcastic and have a personal method where he has to be paid first to get his job done and will threaten his employers furthermore when he is offended, evidenced by wanting double the original pay for his job because his "client" was being a "dickhead;" alongside his sarcasm, he has an incredibly tough attitude, and can work even under the highest of pressure.

Despite his sarcastic, tough attitude, Floyd notably strikes up a friendship with Harley Quinn quite quickly, empathizes with El Diablo after learning the latter's dark secret, is greatly respected by his fellow teammates, and has influence over them (with Rick Flag himself pointing this out), and finally he cares deeply for his beloved daughter Zoe, keeping a picture of her with him throughout his time as an assassin and inmate. He also holds a strict code about not killing women and children in his line of work, thus proving himself to have a strict moral compass. Notably, when Amanda Waller attempts to psychologically manipulate Deadshot by promising him freedom and a permanent reunion with Zoe in exchange for assassinating Harley Quinn, he is strongly tempted for a few long moments. Ultimately however, with quite a bit of visible effort, Deadshot realizes his unwillingness to betray his moral code of not murdering women, as well as his friendship with Harley (most likely also due to him realizing that Zoe wouldn't have ever approved of the circumstances of such a permanent reunion if she knew), and so he resists, instead pretending to miss while shooting at Harley (thou Deadshot may be willing to make exceptions, to his moral code in some situations, as he plotted with Harley to kill Rick Flag and Katana and contributed to Enchantress' defeat).

Also, while not outspoken about it, Deadshot appears to be at least somewhat religious, wearing a cross while in civilian apparel and having several biblical verses written on the gauntlets and neck of his combat bodysuit.


"He's the most wanted hitman in the world."
Amanda Waller
  • Peak Human Condition: Deadshot, as a highly skilled and experienced assassin, is in top physical condition (from frequent intense workouts, which he does even during his imprisonment in Belle Reve). Hence, it took an entire squad of ARGUS agents with riot shields to pin down and restrain Deadshot after his cell was opened, but even then he was still able to kick 2 of them to the ground, despite several of them restraining his torso, and he was able hold his own against the Eyes of the Adversary troops.
    • Peak Human Durability: Deadshot is exceptionally durable, withstanding a brutal beating at the hands of ARGUS agents while in Belle Reve, and swiftly recovering after being sent flying back by a superhumanly strong blow from Incubus, though this was also due to Deadshot's bulletproof bodysuit.
  • Master Marksman: Deadshot is an incredibly formidable and lethal marksman, even when not wearing his eye-patch, thus being extremely skilled with numerous ranged weapons (including 9 mm pistols, Gatling guns, revolvers, flare guns, potato cannons, machine guns, assault rifles, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, anti-tank rifles, shotguns, M1 carbines, Bazookas, Derringers, Uzis, grenade launchers, .44 magnums, and muskets), on par with Batman in that aspect, though even surpassing the Dark Knight himself in accuracy and precision, due to Deadshot being a former member of the US Special Forces. This is partially supported by Deadshot's proficiency with his eye scope, as well as the enhancement his high-tech eye-patch provides. His marksman skills are so great, that Deadshot is said to be lethal at 4 km, with him never missing a target that couldn't dodge, thereby earning his infamous nickname. Hence, he was able to easily shoot the same target numerous times in rapid succession with multiple different guns (greatly impressing Amanda Waller), and to single-handedly take down numerous monstrous troops of Enchantress, keeping the bulk of the army from advancing at the Suicide Squad (in fact doing it better single-handedly than the combined efforts of Rick Flag's entire gunmen squad, using only his machine- and wrist-mounted guns, dropping a monstrous troop with every single one of his numerous shots). Deadshot is thus one of the most formidable members of the Suicide Squad, on par with Katana and El Diablo, to whom Amanda Waller refers to as some of the most dangerous humans on Earth.
  • Expert Combatant: Deadshot, as a former member of the US Special Forces, is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant (managing to physically overpower several of Enchantress' monstrous troops), though not quite on Batman and Katana's level, as Deadshot was quite swiftly defeated and beaten to the ground by Batman (resulting in Deadshot's imprisonment in Belle Reve), and was later overpowered first by the gigantic Incubus, and then the extremely skilled and more powerful Enchantress (though he was notably able to block quite a few of her dagger slashes with his gauntlets, before being overpowered by her superior strength, skill, and teleportation).
  • Master Assassin: Deadshot is an extremely skilled assassin, having become an infamous gun for hire ever since leaving the US Special Forces, assassinating his targets in mere seconds after a price that satisfies Deadshot is offered. Indeed, prior to his imprisonment by Batman, Deadshot was the most wanted hitman in the world, with him therefore having elite clientele.
  • Skilled Leader: Deadshot, as noted by Rick Flag himself, is respected by his Suicide Squad teammates, and has a degree of influence over them. Hence, Deadshot managed to befriend and calm down Harley Quinn on several occasions, his idea of a mutiny against Flag and Katana was picked up by most of the Squad (apart from El Diablo), and Flag personally requested that Deadshot to help him keep the team in line.


  • Eye-Piece: One of Deadshot's signature trademarks is the high-tech eye-patch that he wears over his face mask, on his dominant left eye. This eye-patch augments his already amazing marksman skills, and when combined with his sniper rifle's scope, makes it almost impossible for him to miss his target. It also provides him with mission data and target data.
  • Deadshot Suit: When in the field on an assignment with Task Force X, Deadshot dons a bulletproof red-and-black vest and bodysuit, with many holsters, containing various firearms at all times. Indeed, this suit is durable enough to help him withstand slashes from Enchantress's mystical daggers, as well as a superhumanly mighty kick from Incubus, with minimal injury.
  • Wrist Guns: As Deadshot, Floyd is armed with wrist mounted, gauntlet like firearms, which are the equivalent of sub machine guns in terms of firepower. They have trigger buttons on the hand, fire magnum and high caliber bullets and even ejects bullet shells like normal guns. He uses them in close combat along with his rifles and pistols.
  • Salient Arms International Tier One AR-15: Floyd's primary weapon of choice is the use of an AR-15 assault rifle, modified with a scope and vertical hand grip.
  • Modified Glock 17: Floyd's sidearm is a heavily modified Glock 17, with a compensator and red dot sight.



  • Floyd wears a very durable suit, able to withstand large explosions, gunfire at close range and electric shocks.
  • First live-action movie appearance.
    • Deadshot's absolute first live-action appearance, however, was on Smallville's tenth season portrayed by Bradley Stryker, he was then portrayed in Arrow by Michael Rowe. Interestingly, though, unlike those two versions, this Deadshot wears his eye-patch over his left eye instead of the right one.
  • Because of his introduction into the DCEU, the version in Arrow played by Michael Rowe, had to be killed off.
  • Due to scheduling conflicts with other projects, Smith had to drop out of the role as Deadshot and was replaced with Idris Elba for the sequel/soft-reboot.

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