Krypton's Genesis Chamber

A Genesis Chamber was a Kryptonian machine where scientists performed genetic engineering. They contained the embryos of genetically engineered future children of Krypton. They were stored in the Central Hub on their home planet and aboard Scout Ships.


Kryptonian historyEdit

Thousands of years ago, the Kryptonian law council prohibited scientists from crossbreeding Kryptonians and fauna after monstrosities were created.

The Genesis Chamber was created on the planet Krypton to store the Growth Codex and all the unborn Kryptonian embryos that would populate future Kryptonian society. It was submerged in amniotic fluid, where Aquabots were used to control and maintain the chamber, so no Kryptonians could enter or contaminate the birthing process.

After a massive terraforming and expansion project, thousands of Genesis Chambers were created and stored aboard Scout Ships that were sent across the universe to outposts to start new Kryptonian worlds.

When General Zod staged a coup to take over Kryptonian after his dissatisfaction with the Kryptonian Law Council leading Krypton to the brink of destruction, Jor-El escaped his capture and swam into the genesis chamber to retrieve the Codex to stop Zod from using it by implanting in the cells of his newborn child Kal-El.

When Zod made his way to Earth, he planned on utilizing the Genesis Chamber in the ancient Scout Ship to begin breeding new Kryptonians to populate a terraformed Earth and a reborn Krypton. Kal-El destroyed the Scout Ship's control however, and sent it crashing into Metropolis, destroying the sterile Genesis Chamber in the process.




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