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Glen Woodburn
Biographical Information
Alias Woodburn
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Chad Krowchuk
First Appearance Man of Steel

Glen Woodburn is an Internet blogger from Metropolis.


After Lois Lane failed to get her story printed about a mystery alien savior in the Daily Planet, she met Woodburn in a bar and gave him her story, so that the mystery savior would know about her awareness of him. Woodburn promptly put the story on his blog site.

After General Zod's meancing message transmitted across the globe, Woodburn used the opportunity to give himself fame by appearing on TV with knowledge of Lois's knowledge of Kal-El, story-naming her as his source, promptly leading the FBI to her as a result.

Woodburn's internet fame grew and became something of a self proclaimed 'Superman expert'. After Wallace Keefe graffiti-ed the Superman Statue, Woodburn appeared on Metropolis News 8.



  • David S. Goyer had initially intended the character to be WP favicon.PNG Jack Ryder on Wikipedia from the Batman franchise, but Warner Bros. told him that he couldn't, for reasons that Goyer can't remember. Woodburn was created instead to take Ryder's place.