A Green Power Ring is a Power Ring that harnesses the Green Energy of Willpower and is used by the Green Lantern Corps.

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The Power Ring is controlled by the willpower, concentration, and focus of its wearer. Thereby, its power is only as strong as its user's will, awareness and imagination. It projects green energy in the form of force fields, as well as holographic, hard light constructs. These constructs are of anything the user can think of and are only as durable as the users will and imagination. The ring's wielder has telekinetic control over constructs, which can also be used to telekinetically influence other objects. Otherwise, the constructs shatter like glass and dissipate. When worn and activated, the ring will outline its user in a protective aura that allows them to fly at various speeds, makes them inhumanly resilient and provides them with a portable breathable atmosphere. As a life support system, the aura allows a user to be completely uneffected by toxic atmospheres, extreme cold, being under water, and even in the vacuum of space. The ring even can allow a degree tactile telepathy for the user due to its telepathic nature.

The ring can also act as a computer and database that holds all knowledge the Guardians of the Universe are in possession of. It can scan and identify almost anything in the universe and can be telepathically interfaced by its wearer. It has an artificial intelligence that allows it to have automated functions and protocols, allowing it to remotely find a new wearer. Its protocols give it default abilities and uses for its energy, such as its default force field ability, telepathic translation of known alien languages, and its ability to manifest a standard Green Lantern uniform over the user at will, transforming the users own clothing into the uniform and then back. The user can activate these default settings at will, though the suits appearance can be slightly changed by anatomy, personality, and preferences. This causes Hal Jordan's uniform to have a mask to meet his need to disguise his identity.

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