Jenny Jurwich
Biographical Information
Alias Jenny
Affiliation Daily Planet
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Rebecca Buller
First Appearance Man of Steel

Jenny Jurwich is a former intern and now Junior Reporter and Assistant to Editor in Chief Perry White for the newspaper Daily Planet.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Menacing Alien Message[edit | edit source]

Zod's menacing message to the people of Earth.

When General Zod's message to the planet Earth was sent across the globe, Jenny notified a bemused Lois, who was trying to get the printer to work, what was happening. As Jenny looked at a computer screen, she realized it was also coming in her phone as well. She, along with the rest of the Daily Planet staff watched General Zod's warning in horror.

Alien Attack[edit | edit source]

The terraformation begins.

A short while later, Zod's ship Black Zero descended into the Metropolis skyline before a gravity beam was shot into the city which began to level the city around it. Perry White ordered an evacuation of the Daily Planet Building and Jenny ran out alongside him and Steve Lombard. When a Metropolis Police Department officer started ordering crowd towards him, Jenny followed in the path of a falling skyscraper. Perry ran to guide her away and the two tried to run out of its path before Lombard diverted them to cover under another skyscraper. Rubble trapped Jenny and Perry and Lombard tried to get her out as the gravity beam began to get closer. Perry held her hand as they resigned themselves to death, when the beam suddenly stopped (just as Superman had destroyed the World Engine on the other side of the planet). Finally managing to get her out, the 3 watched as Superman landed nearby with Lois in his arms. Jenny looked in awe upon the mighty alien, acknowledging that he had saved them all. She watched as Superman and Lois kiss, and is started to see General Zod emerge from the rubble.

As Superman goes to confront Zod, Lois joins the 3 as they begin making their way to a safe part of the city. As they do, a falling satellite, along with Superman and Zod burns up over the Metropolis skyline, which Lois chases after.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After Zod's death, a reconstruction effort begins in Metropolis and Jenny goes back to work at the Daily Planet where she is offered a date with Lombard, which she promptly rejects, however. She leaves right before the newest employee, Clark Kent, arrives.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The character was strongly rumored to be a female version of James Olsen.

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