The Joker's Gang is a formidable band of primarily criminally insane criminals, lead by an infamous psychopathic anarchist named Joker. Most of the thugs in the gang wear colorful and outlandish outfits, mainly fancy dress costumes, in honor of their leader, whose own dress sense is very eccentric, bright and colorful.

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  • The gang is never once referred to in the film, but are mentioned in the novelization of the movie. 
  • It is unclear whether the group accompanying Joker in his quest were merely hired goons/mercenaries since the birth of Harley Quinn and not official members in Joker's gang or if they're really part of the gang. Also, since they're never referred to outside of Amanda Waller's throwaway quote that Joker is "King of Gotham City", it is most likely they have loyal enough goons to accompany him in a personal mission such as saving Harley from a dangerous scenario. It is very likely he has far more formidable thugs and mercenaries back in Gotham City and are part of a large and powerful criminal empire. What is known of the gang is that they have with Joker's leadership and  unrivaled skills in organizing and planning criminal activity, is they took over the Gotham City's criminal world.

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