Jor-El's Armor

Jor-El's Battle Armor was a piece of protective mechanized armor worn by the Kryptonian Jor-El.


Jor-El's Battle Armor is a centuries old armour that has passed through many generations of the House of El.

After Jor-El stole the Growth Codex and returned to the House of El Citadel and made the initial preparations for launching his son Kal-El in his starcraft, Kelex notified him of 5 attack ships approaching the Citadel. Knowing a fight would ensue, Jor-El donned his armour and stood between General Zod and his son's ship. When Zod ordered his men to destroy the ship, Jor-El shot both before fighting with Zod eventually coming out on top. As Lara Lor-Van launched the ship, Jor-El watched knowing he had saved his son as Zod stabbed him.

Lara later placed the armor back in its casing moments before Krypton imploded.


The suit is a creamy golden colour and covers the upper torso area, shoulders, arms and legs leaving room in the joints area for moving capabilities. The suit is designed to be able to fit seamlessly over the top of a Kryptonian Garment with ease. Its mechanized parts can slightly enhance the strength of the wearer.



Original concept by Keith Christensen.

  • This is the first incarnation of Jor-El that has battle armor and engages in fighting.
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