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June Moone
Suicide Squad 08.png
Biographical Information
Alias June
Dr. Moone
Enchantress (Formerly)
Relatives Rick Flag (Boyfriend)
Born August 17, 1988
Affiliation Enchantress (vessel)
Physical Description
Species Human
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Cara Delevingne
First Appearance Suicide Squad

"If you have to choose between me or her, stop her! Promise me you'll stop her? Even if it kills me..."
—June to Rick about Enchantress

Dr June Moone is a human female. Originally a thrill seeking youth, June found a cavern within which lay the spirit Enchantress, an ancient feral being that has been trapped in the cavern for so long, who possessed June and granted her magical powers, albeit with a mentally unstable mind.


Early Life[]

Archaeologist June Moone was exploring a cave when she heard a voice calling her and she was drawn to a pot. When she took it, she became a vessel of Enchantress, an evil spirit from another world who possessed June.

Releasing Incubus[]


June appears to be a sweet and kind woman, intelligent and interested in the past of ancient cultures. However, she made the mistake of opening the vial containing the spirit of the malevolent Enchantress, becoming host to the evil inter-dimensional entity. Since then, June lived in fear of Enchantress taking her over; however, it appears the witch couldn't keep control of her for long periods of time. Over time, June became frightened and wanted help. This came in the form of Rick Flag, who was assigned to guard her and eventually became her lover, thereby giving her the emotional support she needed.

Despite a lover to keep her worries at bay, June feared that one day Enchantress would take over for good, and therefore she begged Rick to kill Enchantress if things went catastrophically wrong, even if that meant that she would die in the process too. June's fears were almost realized during the Midway City incident, but she was ultimately able to survive Enchantress' demise and reunited with Rick Flag.






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