Kryptonians wearing breathers

Kryptonian Breathers are a form of protective headwear that Kryptonians built and utilize to breathe in any hazardous atmosphere. It was also designed as a suppressor of their senses when they are under a Yellow Sun so they weren't overcome by them when first experiencing them.


The breather is known to be a very advanced piece of equipment, that generates a transparent watery-elastic force-field over the wearer's head. The force-field is known to change from transparent to darkened, if the sun is too intense on the wearer's eyes, almost like a form of sunglasses, and it is in fact uncertain as to how these controls are achieved by the wearer. The breather also could hook up to a mouth piece, which looked similar to that of an air force pilot's breathing mask, that they use in the atmosphere for oxygen.


General Zod's breather, in transparent mode

The breather also has been shown to have some ruggedness to them; however against beings capable of destroying it, they become rather easy to damage or destroy. This was seen when Superman constantly punched Zod's breather and when they crashed into Smallville, Zod's helmet failed. Superman later damaged Faora's helmet by smashing her into the concrete road with intense strength; causing her breather to fail on her also, exposing them to their heightened senses for the first time, which all overcame them at once.



  • First time in any Superman media that visiting Kryptonians have had to wear Breathers of any kind when on Earth.
  • When the breather goes opaque, it becomes impenetrable even to Kryptonian X-Ray Vision.
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