Military Armor

Kryptonian Military Armor is the battle armor worn by personnel of the Kryptonian Armed Forces.


The armor would be worn over their standard under clothing. On the chest, the armor would display the wearer's house symbol. The armor would be worn over standard Kryptonian chain mail and would be assembled piece by piece.

Though offering extra protection, the armor does not protect the wearer from energy blasts from Kryptonian rifles. The separation of the armor pieces also leaves unprotected spots that can be taken advantage of in combat, an example being General Zod able to fatally wound Jor-El by stabbing him between pieces.



Zod's blade

The Military Armor consists of a dark blue Kryptonian Garment underlayer with heavy defense armor slipped over the top covering the torso, arms and legs all colored in a dark brown gold. General Zod's armor had a large blade that ejected from the right arm. They also have the house emblem of each personnel on the torso.

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