Kryptonian Warrior Guild
Military information
Leader Dru-Zod
Notable Personnel Faora-Ul
Headquarters Kandor
Notable Battles Battle for Krypton
Other information
First Appeared Man of Steel: The Fate of Krypton

The Kryptonian Warrior Guild was one of five primary guilds on the planet Krypton.


The Warrior Guild had existed for 100,000 since the Kryptonian civilization began to flourish. It had contained many generations of ancestors of General Zod, who was the last Commanding Officer of the Warrior Guild before Krypton's destruction.

Believing that the Law Council had led Krypton to ruin, Zod founded the Sword of Rao to overthrow the Council and replace them with himself to preserve the Kryptonian race. Zod's loyalist forces engaged the Warrior Guild in the Battle for Krypton over Kandor.

The Sword of Rao engaged Warrior Guild forces over the skies of Kandor in dogfights and long range battles while Zod and his officers chased Jor-El to the House of El Citadel to retrieve the stolen Growth Codex. As Zod and his officers left the battle, it allowed the Warrior Guild the gain the upper hand and defeat the Sword of Rao before sending Gunships to follow and outnumber Zod and his officers who surrendered after being vastly outnumbered, ending the short lived battle for Krypton's future.

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