Kryptonite Spear

The Kryptonite Spear was a custom made spear built by Bruce Wayne to specifically battle against Superman.



Batman (Spear)

In order to combat Superman, Bruce constructed several custom made weapons utilizing the Kryptonite he had stolen from Lex Luthor. One such weapon was a spear, consisting of a metal staff and a tip shaped from the Kryptonite. When combating Superman, Batman utilized his Kryptonite grenades to weaken him before utilizing the spear and almost killing him. Before he could, Superman said the name "Martha" in regards to the capture of his adopted mother and Batman ceased before demanding to know why he said it.

Sure enough, Lois Lane arrived to tell Batman that Martha was the name of his mother and he threw the spear away from Superman. The spear was then dropped into the water nearby and remained their until they needed it once more.


Superman (Spear)

Upon the creation of the monster Doomsday, Batman realized in order to kill the monster was to obtain the spear, which was in Gotham City. Batman led the monster in the Batwing to Gotham and was shot down by Doomsday. Lois went to obtain it, however was caught under a rock and nearly drowned. Thankfully, Superman was nearby and saved her from death, then proceeded to obtain the spear. He surfaced having been weakened by the radioactive mineral before Lois threw it from his person.

Superman said his last goodbye, before ascending into the air, obtaining the spear and impaling Doomsday with it. The monster however, managed to break free of Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and impaled Superman with a crystalline spike which regenerated in place of his hand which was severed by Wonder Woman prior. Superman managed to push the spear deeper into the monster's body and it came out his back, killing the monster.



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