Legislation Chamber
Geographical Information
Galaxy Corvus
Star Rao
Planet Krypton
Country N/A
State N/A
Locale Kandor
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Man of Steel Prequel

The Legislation Chamber was a government chamber where the Kryptonian Law Council came together on the planet Krypton. It was located at the top of Kandor's tallest spire.


Centuries before Krypton's destruction, Dev-Em was chained and placed in front of the Law Council for his murder of Kell-Ur. The Council was split on whether or not to sentence him to death.

Thousands of years later, Jor-El stood in front of the Council of Five, asking for control of the Growth Codex and stating that their mining of Krypton's core has accelerated the process of the planet's implosion. The meeting was interrupted as General Zod and his followers blasted their way into the Legislation Chamber and declared that the Council had been disbanded. Jor-El told Zod that he was following a path of madness he could not follow; in response, Zod had him taken away.

Later, after Zod and his men were captured by the Sapphire Guards, they were taken to the Legislation Chamber to stand trial for their attempted coup. They were sentenced to 300 years of reconditioning in the Phantom Zone, encased in cryonic material and loaded aboard the Black Zero, which then entered the Phantom Zone.



  • The Legislation Chamber is similar to the Science Council Dome of the Richard Donner Superman films which opens as the villains are taken to the Phantom Zone.
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