Kelex's Liquid Geo display of Earth and the Moon

Liquid Geo was a standard multi-purposed technology used by Kryptonian culture due to its ability to form solid constructs almost instantaneously. The substance itself, despite its designation, is not actually liquid. It is in fact a collection of tetrahedron-shaped metallic beads suspended in a magnetic field that could be dynamically arranged to form extremely durable three-dimensional shapes.

History and UsesEdit


The World Engine preparing to defend itself against Kal-El.

World engineeeeeeee

Superman, furiously combating the Engine's Liquid Geo defenses.

It is not known how Liquid Geo was first conceived, though it was heavily utilized during the expansion age, for scout ship cockpit rooms, capable of projections encompassing their walls completely, and world engines, presumably for removing debris and in some apparent instances for defense. Zod's world engine generated several huge Liquid Geo tentacles, using them to effectively hold off Superman for a while, though he eventually broke through them. When utilized offensively, Liquid Geo constructs could render themselves extremely hot, to the point that those of the World Engine were "hundreds of times" more powerful than the plasma whip wielded by the Fortress of Solitude Robot.

Liquid Geo was more commonly used for service robot displays and visual military aircraft targeting systems. On one occasion, it was seen used to make a Command Key for Jor-El.



  • This information is according to a featurette from WIRED as well as the IMDB trivia of Man of Steel
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