Man of Steel Prequel
Attribution Information
Written by David S. Goyer
Geoff Johns
Zack Snyder
Art by Jerry Oordway
Production Information
Issue Number 1
Release Date May 18, 2013
Chronological Information
Preceded by N/A
Followed by N/A

Man of Steel Prequel is an official tie-in comic to the 2013 film, Man of Steel.


Kara Zor-El and a group of other young pilots-in-training are in the Kryptonian jungle, retrieving beacons as part of their terraform training. They have to learn to deal with an Alien planet's harsh environment. But only four of the people in the group will be chosen to take on the expedition upon graduation. Dev-Em is a member of the group. When they split up, Dev-Em kills one of the other people, Kell-Ur, who is Kara's friend/love interest, in order to increase his chances of being chosen. Kara battles with Dev-Em and has him arrested for murder. Murder is rare on Krypton, and Dev is sentenced to death. Kara graduates and soon takes off in one of the scout ships. The whole fleet of ships take off to explore and help Krypton "expand". Each scout ship has a "Growth Codex" that will allow them to let the stored embryos grow into full-grown Kryptonians and help them terraform the land.

Kara and her team go to sleep in their sleep pods for the many years of travel. Kara wakes up and sees that everyone has already left their pod. She sees that the others are dead, and sees Dev-Em on the ship, alive. He was freed by council members who opposed the death penalty. He stowed away on the ship and woke up the others to access food, and killed them soon after when they were of no use. He then alters the course to the "Sol System". The ship is headed to Earth. Kara and Dev-Em battle, now with much stronger powers, and cause the ship to crash in the snow on Earth. A figure is seen leaving the ship. We then see an Inuit tribe in Canada in their hut, with a drawing of the ship crashing and the S symbol on their wall.

In present day, a signal under the ice (ice shelves thousands of years old) is picked up by mission control, and they wonder who it is trying to signal. It cuts to Clark Kent working on the Alaskan fishing boat.



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