Mech Batsuit

The Mech Batsuit is a powered exoskeleton and a technologically advanced, heavily armored version of the Standard Batsuit used by Bruce Wayne during his activities as the vigilante "Batman". He wore it during his confrontation with the alien hero Superman.




The suit is designed to withstand a great deal of physical damage, providing Batman a great deal of protection against beings with strength superior to his own. Despite this, the suit is not indestructible and has been shown to take quite a beating after his battle with Superman.




Licensing/style guide art by Warren Manser.

  • This Batsuit is inspired by the armored power-suit seen in the 1986 Dark Knight series by Frank Miller. (Later published in trade paperbacks as The Dark Knight Returns and marketed as if it was created to be a graphic novel, much like the Watchmen series published the same year.)
  • It is also the first cinematic Batsuit to have permanent luminescent lenses concealing the eyes. 2008's The Dark Knight featured a scene with very similar retractable lenses. The Sonar Batsuit also had retractable black lenses with white grid lines, used very briefly in the 1995 film Batman Forever.

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