Mister Mind
Biographical Information
Alias Mister Mind
Physical Description
Species Venusian Worm
Gender Male
Hair None
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By David F. Sandberg
First Appearance Shazam!

"You assume there is only one way to gain magic? No, no, no. There are more ways than the mind can imagine. I name the Gods doctor, not the other way around. Oh what fun we are gonna have together, the Seven Realms are about to be ours."
—Mister Mind to Thaddeus Sivana

Mister Mind is an Venusian Worm from Venus with supreme intelligence who was captured by the Council of Wizards and was kept imprisoned in the Rock of Eternity.


At some point, Mister Mind came to Earth from Venus and was a big enough threat that the Council of Wizards imprisoned him and kept him at the Rock of Eternity to protect the people of earth. In 1974, Mister Mind is scene watching a young Sivana arriving at the realm. Years later after a now adult Thaddeus Sivana freed the Sins, Mister Mind was also freed from his prison and escaped without anyone noticing. Soon when Sivana was imprisoned for his crimes and stripped of the Sins, Mister Mind appeared in his jail cell offering his help to Sivana and talking about how the Seven Realms are about to be conquered.


Mister Mind has the appearance of a worm but not an ordinary earthworm, he looks more mutated and carries a speaker wrapped around his body in order for his voice to be heard when he speaks.


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