Silas Stone looking over a Mother Box

A Mother Box is Alien and cube-shaped, and generally thought to be sentient, miniaturized, portable supercomputers. They are the vastly more advanced technology of New Gods.


Mother Boxes were created in a different dimension to the rest of the galaxy on the planets New Genesis and Apokolips by the New Gods, greatly technologically advanced beings.

Ancient HistoryEdit


The humans burying the Mother Box

Ages ago, Steppenwolf took three mother boxes to Earth to invade the planet by combining the three mother boxes it would turn the planet into a apokoliptian state, but after the Olympian Gods, Amazons, Atlanteans, Green Lanterns, and ancient human civilazation fought off Steppenwolf and his army, the three were left behind by Steppenwolf. They were hidden on the distant planet  to be kept from the reach of Darkseid. One was given to the Humans, one to the Amazons, and the final one to the Atlanteans beneath the ocean. They were to be kept and hidden and eventually forgotten about for all of time.

Recent TimesEdit

In 1918, after the end of World War I, Etta, Charlie, Sameer, and Cheif were assinged to retrieve the Mother Box that was found and bring it to America to the Amerian's. In 1982, a Mother Box was discovered on Earth, and was taken into the possession of S.T.A.R. Labs.

In 2015 at S.T.A.R. Labs, Silas Stone was using the one found in 1982 to heal his injured son Victor Stone, using the Mother Box's technology to recreate half of Victor's body into a Cyborg.

In 2017, Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen used a mother box to aid in the successful resurrection of Superman.


  • Biological Manipulation: Mother Boxes are able to manipulate life on a cellular level, including augmentations of biological functions, by utilizing a unique energy field. One such Box was able to resurrect the deceased Superman when combined with a Kryptonian Genesis Chamber in Scout Ship 0344 and a massive electrical charge from the Flash. A Mother Box was also able to stabilize the critical condition of Victor Stone, reviving him from near-death.
    • Biomechatronic Enhancement: While reviving Victor Stone, a Mother Box was able to generate mechatronic body parts in place of the ones he had lost, as seen on the metahuman archive files collected by Lex Luthor. This process is seen to be extremely painful, as it grafts organic and inorganic parts together, effectively creating a cyborg.



  • The U.S. government's Mother Box has a code name: "US GOV Object 6-19-82". The numbers can be interpreted as "June 1982", the month of publication of Cyborg's origin story in Tales of the New Teen Titans #1.

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