Perry White
Biographical Information
Alias Chief
Mr White
Affiliation Daily Planet
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown/Grey
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Laurence Fishburne
First Appearance Man of Steel

"Can you imagine how people on this planet would react if they knew there was someone like this out there?"
—Perry White to Lois Lane on Superman

Perry White is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Planet.


Early YearsEdit

Perry started out as an investigative reporter and rose in the ranks until he was promoted to editor-in-chief.

Alien InvasionEdit


Perry rejecting Lois' story

Perry sent his best reporter Lois Lane to cover secret military operations on Ellesmere Island. When she returned with a story about an super powered alien and an alien ship taking off from under the ice, he disregarded it saying that he can't print stories like that in his paper and that she could've hallucinated half of it plus the Pentagon denied all of her story occurring.

Perry warning Lois

After finding out that she leaked her story to internet blogger Glen Woodburn, his publishes demanded her to be sued and he called her into his office. He gave her 2 weeks of unpaid leave, but believing she saw something, he told her she did the right thing knowing the public wouldn't be ready to accept an Alien living amongst them.


Perry watches Zod's message

Lois returned to the planet as a worldwide alien message from General Zod seeking Kal-El was spread to every technical device on the planet, Perry had everybody at the planet working on the story but Lois had already left to chase up her lead.

The next day as Perry came to the office with the world completely changed, the FBI was waiting for him with questions about Lois' knowledge of the alien General Zod was looking for but Perry couldn't help. He then switched the news on to find Woodburn milking Lois' leaked article to game fame and he rang Lois to warn her about the FBI.

Sometime later whilst in his office, Zod's huge ship Black Zero descended on the skyline of Metropolis. The ship began to launch a gravity beam directly into the city beginning to destroy a large portion of the city and bringing down skyscrapers.


Perry helping Jenny during the carnage

Perry ordered the evacuation of his staff and then ran down outside the building into the terror. While trying to escape with Jenny Jurwich and Steven Lombard she got caught under rubble. Perry and Steve tried to move the rubble from her as the gravity beam terraforming the planet edged closer. Realizing that they had no way to get her out in time, the beam suddenly stopped.

Perry introducing Clark Kent

Managing to get Jenny out, they make their way across the rubble to the epicentre to find Lois and the alien kissing as General Zod emerges from rubble and engages the alien in combat. Lois joins the 3 in making their way across town as they see the rubble of a satellite burning up in the atmosphere.

After the alien hero, Kal-El (now nicknamed "Superman") defeated and kills the malevolent General Zod, Perry finally published Lois' original article, with the added events of the past 2 days. He also employs a new reporter, Clark Kent whom he introduces to Lois (who instantly recognizes him as Superman in disguise) and Steve.


Perry is very prim and dedicated to his work, as the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. He is also very thoughtful and insightful, since despite actually believing her, Perry was quick to reprimand Lois Lane for publishing a story about her superpowered alien savior, understanding that the world was not yet ready for the revelation of such a being actually existing. He was also unwilling to publish stories that he knew would not be popular, thus discouraging Clark Kent from exposing the vigilante Batman through the press.

In extreme situations, Perry is remarkably selfless, brave and heroic, notably trying to rescue Jenny Jurwich from under a pile of debris during the Black Zero Event, refusing to abandon her, endangering his own life in the process.



  • Laurence Fishburne's portrayal of Perry White is the first interpretation of the character that is African-American.

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