The Robin suit as seen on display in the Batcave.

The Robin suit was a custom made suit worn by Jason Todd before his death at the hands of the Joker and Harley Quinn.



The torso part of the Robin suit is very dark red (almost brown), with a golden "R" on the upper left side of the chest. It appears to be very worn out (burnt) and beaten, as it has lost a lot of its color and has many scratches and bullet holes in it. It has a row of five rust-colored latches that cover a middle zipper. The top latch attaches a black cape to the suit. The suit has sleeves that extend to the middle of the biceps. The suit has a rust-colored utility belt, similar to Batman's. There are also triple-bladed armored gauntlets, also like Batman's. In addition, the Robin suit has boots that extend up along the shin. There is a small domino mask as well. The suit appears to be vandalized, with the words "HAHAHA Joke's on you BATMAN" spray-painted in yellow on the torso area of the suit.



  • The first time the Robin suit has been used in a live-action theatrical film since the 1995 Batman Forever and it's 1997 sequel Batman & Robin. It's revealed that this Robin suit once belonged to the 2nd Robin Jason Todd, who was murdered by The Joker in the comics. [citation needed][1]
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