Sapphire Guard

A Sapphire Guard

The Sapphire Guards were the ceremonial guards of the Legislation Chamber in the city of Kandor on the planet Krypton.


The Sapphire Guards are elite, highly-trained soldiers that guard and protect the Kryptonian Law Council and the Legislation Chamber.

After General Zod and his radical loyalists staged a coup against the Law Council with his forces attacking the Kryptonian Warrior Guild while he and his officers stormed the Legislation Chamber. The Sapphire Guards and their Energy Lances were no match for Zod's officers with their Kryptonian Rifles and were shot down. The Warrior Guild caught up with Zod at the House of El Citadel and arrested him. The remaining Sapphire Guards stood guard by the Law Council as Zod and his loyalists were sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

However, all of the Sapphire Guards would soon perish with their planet when Krypton's core imploded, leading to the entire planet's destruction.



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