Service Robots

Service Robots are Kryptonian robots that act as servants to the higher class citizens of the planet along with more manual duties that were considered more tedious or difficult for owners.

Known RobotsEdit


When technology on Krypton greatly advanced, Service Robots were created to complete tasks and jobs that would free up time of the owner. They seemed to be primarily owned and used by the upper class families on Krypton, most of them being key scientists and leaders. Other robots were created to act as long-term guards for spacecraft like Scout Ship 0344, maintaining watch for thousands of years at a time and attacking any unauthorized presence.

When artificial population control was established, Aquabots were built In order to maintain the Genesis Chambers on Krypton and in the scout ships sent to colonize new worlds.


Service robots come in a variety of shapes, likely because each robot is customized for a particular owner. But there are various features common to all. The robots are propelled by an internal anti-gravity system that is capable of making them reach speeds equal to that of H'Raka, and possibly faster. The robots also make use of the versatile Liquid Geo material in the form of visiual 3-D displays, and, in the case of the "guard robots", as an appendage with an energy emitter at the end for attacking and grappling with intruders.

The Aquabots are completely different to the other robots. They vaguely resemble a six-limbed, black cephalopod with the front two appendages being larger than the others and primarily being used for swimming. The other four are used to carry the pods containing the unborn Kryptonian fetuses after they have been cut loose from the growth stalks, courtesy of a small claw on one of the front legs.


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