Shazam Wizard
Biographical Information
Alias Shazam
The Wizard
Died December 2019
Affiliation Council of Wizards
Physical Description
Species Wizard
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Djimon Hounsou
First Appearance Shazam!

"Say my name, so my powers may flow through you. "

The Wizard Shazam is a 3,000 year old wizard who is the keeper of the Rock of Eternity, uses magic against evil which he bestows upon the champion of Earth. One of his earlier champions was Teth-Adam, who became known as "Black Adam" whom the Wizard banished. The Wizard also tried to have Thaddeus Sivana be his champion but was rejected the power. He soon chose Billy Batson as his next champion.






  • This character was originally going to be played by Ron Cephas Jones, however on July 10, 2018, Entertainment Weekly revealed that the actor had dropped out due to a scheduling conflict, and had been replaced by Djimon Dounsou[1]
  • In the comics, the Wizard had two names, Jebediah of Canaan and Mamaragan

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