Smallville Cemetery
Geographical Information
Galaxy Milky Way
Star Sol
Planet Earth
Country United States of America
State Kansas
Locale Smallville
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Man of Steel

The Smallville Cemetery is a place where the deceased are honoured and buried to lay in peace in the town of Smallville, Kansas.

Known BurialsEdit


After Harry Kent Jr. died early in his life, he was buried in Smallville Cemetery.

During a huge tornado that engulfed the Smallville region, Jonathan Kent died so that nobody would discover that his adopted son Clark Kent was an alien with abilities beyond mortal men. He was buried in cemetery next to his brother Harry.

After Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane began investigating Clark Kent's alien and heroic nature, she tracked him to Smallville after speaking with Peter Ross, who Clark saved during their childhood. Not wanting his secret revealed to the world as his father feared, Clark found Lois at the cemetery and revealed the circumstances of his death to make her understand.

After Clark Joseph Kent defeated Zod and his forces in Metropolis, he and Martha returned to the Cemetery and looked upon Jonathan's grave.



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