Steven Lombard
Biographical Information
Alias Steve
Affiliation Daily Planet
Physical Description
Species Human
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Michael Kelly
First Appearance Man of Steel

Steven "Steve" Lombard is a reporter for the Daily Planet. Steve is infamous there for trying to date many of his female colleagues.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Extraterrestrial Invasion[edit | edit source]

By the time of General Zod's invasion of Earth, Steve had been working at the Daily Planet for several years under Perry White. In the process, Steve had grown an infamous reputation at the Planet for trying to ask many of his female co-workers out on dates. They would usually turn him down, however.

When General Zod sent a menacing message to the people of Earth, Steve and his co-workers saw it from the Daily Planet, much to their dismay. Shortly before the Battle of Metropolis, Steve was at the Daily Planet, with many of his fellow workers, though Perry promptly had them evacuate the building, as more and more nearby building began collapsing. In the ensuing chaos, Steve and Perry attempted to help Jenny Jurwich, one of their co-workers, and get her out from under the wreckage of a building. The power from Zod's World Engine was right about to crush Steve, Perry, and Jenny, but they were all indirectly saved by Superman just in time, due to him personally destroying the World Engine on the other side of the planet (in the Indian Ocean). Steve, Perry, and Jenny all saw Black Zero get sucked back into the Phantom Zone, Superman returning to Metropolis and passionately kissing Lois, before heading off to fight General Zod, whom he subsequently defeated and killed after a long and fierce duel.

A few days after the battle, Steve tried to ask his co-worker Lois out on a date. She refused his offer, so Steve asked Jenny, who also refused. Right at that moment, Superman, in his Clark Kent persona, arrived at the Daily Planet, searching for a job as a reporter, and was politely greeted by Steve. Clark was only recognized by Lois, who, understandably, didn't tell anyone.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Man of Steel marks the live-action debut of Steven Lombard. The character is mentioned by name in an episode of Smallville.

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