Superman Troops
Superman's Army
Military information
Leader Kal-El
Notable Personnel
Affiliates Parademons
Headquarters Metropolis
Notable Battles
Other information
First Appeared Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Superman's Army is an army of highly trained soldiers under the command of Kal-El in an alternate timeline where he seizes total power over Earth.


In Bruce Wayne's Nightmare, he dreamed he was leading a resistance against Superman and his army who have laid waste to the world around them. Batman's followers returned with a large chunk of Kryptonite which would aid them in their fight, however it turned out to be an ambush as several troops revealed themselves disguised as rebels.

The soldiers begin executing everyone, which leads to the Dark Knight to begin a rampage out of a nearby truck and take out as many soldiers as he could while Parademons began arriving and taking rebels. Soldiers tried subduing Batman after restraining him, however only the strength of a Parademon was enough to knock him out. Waking up in a prison, 4 troops awaited the arrival of Superman and upon his arrival, the soldiers knelt before their leader who passed by them.



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