The Tactical Batsuit is an upgraded version of Bruce Wayne 's Batsuit seen inBatman V Superman , Suicide Squad, and Justice League. The Tactical Batsuit is tougher, with more visible armor plates. Wayne also wears goggles with the suit. Certain parts of the suit were brighter, such as the chest plate and gauntlets. The cape is more protective, able to withstand Paredemon's blows. This Suit Also Has Similarities And Resemblence To Niteowl From Watchmen.


  • The suit has similarities to Leatherwing, Batman's Earth-10 Nazi doppelganger. The goggles share a lot of similarities to the Nazi version, and the cape seems to be the same material.
  • The suit seems to be a symbol for Bruce stepping out of the shadows, with a clear lack of stealth capabilities.
  • This is clearly an upgrade from the Batsuit worn in BVS and Suicide Squad.
  • It also seems to be a slimmer, yet more modern version of the Armored Batsuit.
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