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The Flash: Flashpoint
Attribution Information
Directed by John Francis Daley
Jonathan Goldstein
Produced by Geoff Johns
Walter Hamada
Michael Disco
Richard Suckle
Zack Snyder (Exec.)
Deborah Snyder (Exec.)
Written by Story
Joby Harold
Joby Harold
Dan Mazeau
John Francis Daley
Jonathan Goldstein
Music by TBA
Production Information
Distributor Warner Bros.
Budget TBA
Revenue TBC
Release Date
Duration TBA
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The Flash: Flashpoint is an upcoming American film based on the DC Comics character Flash. It is an installment in the DC Comics' Extended Universe. With the story and screenplay by Joby Harold and Dan Mazeau. The cast includes Ezra MillerKiersey ClemonsRay Fisher, and Billy Crudup. It will be produced and distributed by Warner Bros..

Development on a Flash movie has long been in the works since the early 2000s when Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer wrote a screenplay based on the Wally West version. Development accelerated in 2014 when fully fleshed out plans for the DC Extended Universe were made.




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Behind the Scenes


On July 20, 2013, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the film was rumored to be released in 2016 but it has not been announced.[1] In October 2014, Warner Bros. announced The Flash would be released in 2018 as the sixth installment of the DC Comics Extended Universe.[2] Ezra Miller was cast to play the title role of Barry Allen.[3] Miller is also set to reprise his role in both upcoming Justice League films.[4] In March 2015 it was reported that Warner Bros. was pursuing Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to Write and Direct The Flash.[5] In April of that year, it was announced that Lord and Miller would write the Story Treatment for the film, but had not yet decided whether to Direct the film.[6] Seth Grahame-Smith is in talks to write and direct The Flash, although WB haven't confirmed it, Seth appears to be the frontrunner for his directional debut and writing the film. [7] On April 29th, 2016, Graham-Smith left the project due to creative differences between him and Warner Bros, but they'd still use Graham-Smith's script. On June 2nd, 2016, it was confirmed that Rick Famuyiwa will be directing the film. On July 8th, Variety reported that Kiersey Clemons, Rita Ora, and Lucy Boynton were the top contenders for the female lead, which was said to be Iris West. On July 25th. 2016, Kiersey Clemons was confirmed to play Iris West. On August 16th, 2016, it was reported that Ray Fisher will star along Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons in The Flash as Victor Stone/Cyborg[8]. On September 9th, 2016, Variety reported that Billy Crudup is in talks for Henry Allen. On October 31, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Famuyiwa has left the film due over creative differences, and the executives disagreeing with where he had taken the script. .[9] On January 25, 2017, Joby Harold was announced to do a one-page rewrite from scratch for The Flash, with production for the film on hold until they find a new director. With Miller, and Clemons working on other projects the studio is taking their time finding a new director and focusing on a new script.[10] On January 16, 2018, Variety reported that the directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are in talks to direct the film after the departure of Famuyiwa in 2016. [11] On March 3, 2018, Daley took to twitter to announce that he and Goldstein were officially signed on to direct The Flash: Flashpoint. [12] On April 3, 2018, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Dan Mazeau had worked on the script, and that it will no longer be titled "Flashpoint" or "The Flash: Flashpoint". [13] The film will look to "Back To The Future" for inspiration. [14] Production is expected to start in late 2019 due to the script still being worked on and Miller's commitment to Fantastic Beasts 3. [15] On February 28, 2019, Michael Disco joined the project as a producer. [16]


Production will start in February 2019. [17] [18] On October 15, 2018, production is expected to start in late 2019 due to Miller's filming commitment for Fantastic Beasts 3. [19]

Critical Reaction



  • Deborah Snyder hinted at Ray Fisher possibly starring alongside Ezra Miller as Victor Stone / Cyborg in The Flash. Which was confirmed to be true in August.



  9. 'The Flash' Movie Loses 'Dope' Director Rick Famuyiwa (Exclusive)

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