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Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

  • DEBUNKED! Deadshot will return as a main character.[13]
  • Katana will return as a main character.[14]
  • CONFIRMED! Captain Boomerang will return as a main character.[15]
  • El Diablo will return as a main character.[16]
  • CONFIRMED! Harley Quinn will return as a main character.[17][18]
  • Batman will make an appearance along the Justice League.[19]
  • CONFIRMED! Amanda Waller will return in the film.[20]
  • A whole new group of characters will appear and be part of the squad.
  • The new team will consist of Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, a gender-swapped Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Peacemaker.
  • Javelin, Blackguard, Savant, and Weasel will appear in the film.

Supporting characters Edit

  • Arsenal will appear in the film.[21]
  • Solomon Grundy will appear as a main character in this film.[22]
  • Bane will appear in the film.[23]
  • Catwoman will appear in the film.[24]
  • Mr. Freeze will appear in the film.[25]
  • Poison Ivy will appear in the film.[26]
  • Killer Frost will appear in the film.[27]
  • Lobo will appear in the film.[28]
  • Parasite will appear in the film.[29]
  • King Kraken will appear in this film.[30]
  • Nightshade will appear in this film.[31]
  • Bronze Tiger will appear in this film.[32]
  • Red Hood will appear in this film.[33]
  • Reverse-Flash will appear in this film.[34]
  • Azrael will appear in this film.[35]
  • Tim Drake will appear in this film.[36]
  • The Court of Owls will appear in this film.[37]
  • Black Canary will appear in this film.[38]
  • Vixen will appear in this film.[39]
  • Green Arrow will appear in this film.[40]
  • Metallo will appear in this film.[41]
  • The Riddler will appear in this film.[42]
  • Black Manta will appear in this film.[43][44]
  • Sportsmaster will appear in this film.[45]
  • Lex Luthor will appear in this film.[46]
  • Bizarro will appear in this film.[47]
  • Clayface will appear in this film.[48]
  • Gorilla Grodd will appear in this film.[49]
  • Mirror Master will appear in this film.[50]
  • Rupture will appear in this film.[51]
  • Firestorm will appear in this film.[52]
  • Cheshire will appear in this film.[53]
  • Livewire will appear in this film.[54]
  • Nightwing will appear in this film.[55]
  • Zatanna will appear in this film.
  • Raven will appear in this film.
  • Kara Zor-El will appear in this film.

Villains Edit

  • The Joker will not appear in the film.[56]
  • The Joker would return in this film.[57]
  • Deathstroke may appear in this film as the villain.[58][7]
  • The film would mark the appearance of multiple Jokers.[59]
  • Granny Goodness will appear in this film.[60]
  • Basilisk will appear in the film.[61]
  • Kobra will appear in this film.[62]
  • Jihad will appear in the film.[63]
  • Black Mask may be the main antagonist on the film, planning to take over Gotham from Joker and his plans include motivation to overthrow the government.
  • Cheetah will appear in the film.[64]
  • Joker will be the main villain.
  • Black Adam will appear.[65]
  • The Sons of Adam will appear.
  • Amazo will be the main villain.[66]
  • Onslaught will be the main villains.
  • Mongul, Mongal, and the Warworld Invaders will be the main villains.

Story Edit

  • Katana's backstory is expected to be expanded in this film.[67]
  • The events of Gotham City Sirens would impact the story of the film.[68]
  • The comic book crossover storyline Justice League vs. Suicide Squad will be adapted to be the plot of the film.[69]
  • The Joker's and Harley Quinn's relationship will be explored in the film's plot.[70]
  • Black Mask will use both Basilisk and Kobra in his quest for global domination.
  • Waller sends the Suicide Squad to retrieve a weapon of mass destruction, Black Adam.[6]
  • The Amazo Virus will be what the Squad is after.
  • The new story will feature all-new characters.
  • The film will be about the Squad infiltrating Onslaughts headquarters, a fortress called Jotunheim, in the country of Qurac.
  • The film will focus on the military aspect of the Squad based off of Ostrander’s early Suicide Squad rendition over New 52 and recent comics.

Production Edit

  • DEBUNKED! David Ayer would return to direct this film.[71]
  • Ayer wants to make the film R-rated.[72]
  • DEBUNKED! The film will start filming in 2017.[73]
  • Ayer has revealed that the film's script was in works.[74]
  • The new A.R.G.U.S. website would serve to promote the film.[75]
  • DEBUNKED! Mel Gilson will direct the film.[76]
  • DEBUNKED! Ruben Fleischer, Daniel Espinosa, and Jonathan Levine are in talks to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad.[77]
  • DEBUNKED! Jaume-Collet Serra will direct the film.[78][79]
  • DEBUNKED! Guy Ritchie would direct the film.[80]
  • DEBUNKED! The film will be released in September 2017.[81]
  • DEBUNKED! The film will be released in Summer 2018.[82]
  • DEBUNKED! The film will be released on November 1, 2019.[83]
  • CONFIRMED! Adam Cozad will write the script. [84]
  • DEBUNKED! The film will be shot for a 2018 release date.[85][86][87]
  • DEBUNKED! Filming will start in March 2018.[88]
  • DEBUNKED! Production will start in October 2018.[89]
  • CONFIRMED! Production may be delayed to make room for the Birds of Prey movie.[90]
  • DEBUNKED! This could be one of the films to be released either on February 14, 2020, or June 5, 2020.[91]
  • Filming could take place in London.[92]
  • Filming could take place in Toronto as the first Suicide Squad movie.[93]
  • Filming will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • CONFIRMED! The film will release on August 6, 2021.
  • CONFIRMED! James Gunn will direct the sequel.[94]

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