Harkness's Trick Boomerangs, with a bomb variant on top, and a makeshift on the bottom.

Trick Boomerangs are the primary weapons wielded by George Harkness (code-named "Captain Boomerang", an Australian assassin of Task Force X. Each is a steel-made curved blade, sharpened on both sides and perforated by prolongated holes. A boomerang, as thrown, spins about an axis that is perpendicular to its flight direction and is designed to return to the thrower.

Harkness is a master at wielding them, both in close-quarters combat (using them to cut down multiple people in mere seconds) and as lethal projectiles, which he hurls with incredible precision. He uses the ability of the boomerang to fly back to throw it over the cover of his opponent and then strike them in the back.


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  • This is the first live action movie appearance of Harkness' trick boomerangs.
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